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There are three things that most people like about Shopify: ease of use, high converting layout, and fast page loading speed.

But what if you get all these three features along with few advanced perks. GrooveKart is here to offer you many unique features without even paying a considerable amount.

Once you start exploring the unique tools and features on the GrooveKart platform, you will never look back to any other online store builder.

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This latest tool is known for simplifying the online store creation process, and the best part is that it has everything built-in.

It means users need not pay for other apps or mess with the integration process.

GrooveKart makes everything possible at a low cost.

Some of you might be using ClickFunnels for page or funnel building to ensure a higher conversion rate. But the great news is that with GrooveKart, you can also access a free page builder- GrooveFunnels, GrooveMail, and GrooveVideo.

It can assist you in creating beautiful and high converting landing pages with ease.


You have already gone through the long list of features available on the Shopify platform. It is time to explore the advancements in GrooveKart that can ease the process of setting up a store online. 


There is no need to obtain extensive coding knowledge to set up your business online.

GrooveKart comes with a unique and easy to handle user interface that can allow you to set up your selling platform just within few minutes. You can adjust product appearance, descriptions, reviews, and images online. 


The first most important thing to know about GrooveKart is that it allows convenient switching from Shopify to GrooveKart. It means if you have already developed your store using Shopify and are now interested in shifting to GrooveKart, the process can be completed just with few clicks on the page. 


Unlimited upsells: In order to boost the conversion rates on your online store, you can take help from plenty of upsells available on this platform. There is no need to pay additional money to access those upsells. 

Plug and play: The biggest reason behind following GrooveKart over many other competitors online is that this software comes with an easy interface. The navigation process is much easier, and the store can be set up without taking help from experienced developers. 


Built-in help: Users can access lots of integrations on the GrooveKart platform without requiring any app download. The developers have designed an easy to access help desk online where merchants can avail instant assistance from experts. 

GrooveKart Studio: Here is another fantastic feature of GrooveKart. It can help you customize your store online with a creative page builder and plenty of product design tools. The drag and drop features make it easier to add layers to the store so that you can capture the attention of buyers. The GK AliConnect and Print on Demand Apparel features cab help you to automate the shipping process. 


Login process: The login process is pretty simple and straightforward over the GrooveKart platform. It can help you to make payment via an email link. Once the payment is made, you can log in via the provided credentials to start building your store. 

Payment methods: Most of the eCommerce builder platforms charge a hefty amount to handle every transaction online. But when you start using GrooveKart, there is no need to share your profits with anyone. You can manage all your payments through Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net as GrooveKart offers easy support to them.


Premade designs: This powerful eCommerce builder is loaded with plenty of features that can be accessed to customize the store online. The drag and drop tools make it easier to handle the entire process. The developers have added more than 300+ pre-made designs to this platform to help you get premium appeal with ease. 

Money-back guarantee: GrooveKart also provides a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. As soon as you start accessing the licensed version of the software, the guarantee period starts, and it can help you explore all available features with more confidence. 


Training videos: The developers on GrooveKart are ready to offer a great learning curve to the users with plenty of training videos online. As this platform is loaded with plenty of advanced features and functionalities, the training material can help you make the best of it. 

Support service: You can trust the experienced and highly professional support team of GrooveKart. They are ready to assist store developers via a handy customer support section. The FAQ section is available to answer repeated queries of the users. However, you can also contact them via emails to solve specific problems. 

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  • Order Bumps

    Increase sales by having additional must-have order options for your buyers when they clock Add To Cart.

    Related Items Pre And Post Checkout

    Speed. That's our focus. Simply, that means better conversions for you.

    Make More Sales

    Upload your products, let us do the rest. Need products to sell? Don't worry we got you covered with our done for you business solutions.

  • Pre Transaction Upsells

    Show related product bundles at checkout. This is a great way to increase conversions at point of sale.

    Social Proof

    Show recent purchases like:JANE from INDIANA just purchased this item 3 minutes ago.These features are costly or not available with other platforms. They come standard with GrooveKart®.

  • Same Page Checkout

    Increase sales by having additional must-have order options for your buyers when they clock Add to Cart.

    Scarcity And Urgency

    Purchased together frequently. Show related product bundles at checkout. This is a great way to increase conversions at point of sale.

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